Winners, Fazil Iskander Prize longlist

The winners in the long list of the Fazil Iskander International Prize is now known.
This year the prize, established by Russian PEN, will be awarded in five categories: Prose, Poetry, Children’s and Teenage Literature, Translations, Screenplay and Dramaturgy.
The longlist for the award in the categories:
«Plot of Existence. Prose fiction
1. Aleynikov Vladimir. «Stan. — Moscow: Agraf Publisher, 2020.
2. astafieva Anastasiya. «Stoletnik with Honey. Three Stories about Childhood. — Vologda. Ed. by A. Kiselev. В., 2021.
3. alexiev boris. «The Pack, or the Tale of the Wise Elder Savvatiy». — Moscow: Moscow City Organization of the Union of Writers of Russia, 2022.
4. Bimaev Anatoly. «Seven-Eight». A Novel. — EXMO, 2021.
5. Boyko Sergey. «Above Fiction. A true story about the end of the world». — LitRes: Samizdat, 2020.
6. Bregman Maria. «Baba Tonya.» A short story. The collection «News of the female genus». Compiled by S.V. Vasilenko — Moscow: Union of Russian Writers, 2021.
7. Brilenkov Alexander. «Lyolka.» Short story. — Journal of Literary Dating, No. 4 (48), 2020.
8. Vasiliev Vladimir. «Princess Dolgorukova.» A novel. — St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization Union of Writers of Russia, 2021.
9. Viko Natalia. «Game for fellow hunters». A Novel. — Moscow: AST Publishing House, 2021.
10. Volney Natalia. «A Suit for Zhenka». A Novel. — Magazine «Yunost» №2, 2022.
11. Gummer Efim. «Mission of the Messiah». A Novel. — Jerusalem: Milky Way Press, 2020.
12. Gildina Elsa. «Malaika.» A Novel. — Znamya magazine, #4, 2020. «Bad Mail». An ironic thriller. — Neva magazine, no. 2, 2021.
13. Goncharenko Svetlana (Alkea). «I want you to remember…» Book 1. Infinite Canon. — Moscow: LitRes: Samizdat, 2021.
14. Grebeshkova Alina. «Ally-belly.» Short story. — Nizhny Novgorod Magazine, no. 1 (42), 2022.
15. Granovsky Alexander. «My Grandfather Kuzya, or the Turkish Saddle». Short story. — The journal Ural, 2020, no. 12.
16. Gumerova Albina. «Before the Sun on Friday». Short stories and a novella. — Moscow: Gorodets Publishing House, 2021. (The Ark series).
17. Davidian Susanna. «Under the Blue Domes». Short story. — Magazine «The Star of the East» №№1,2, 2022.
18. Yevsyukov Alexander. «Twelve Sides of the World». Stories, essays. — Moscow: Formaslov, 2021.
19. Zaytsev Nikolay. «Territory of War». Novel. — Journal Our Contemporary, #3, 2022.
20. Zulfikarov Timur. «The Wanderings of Khoja Nasreddin in the XXI Century». Novels. — SPb: Aletheia, 2021.
21. Ivanova-Obolenskaya Svetlana. «Too Beautiful». An epic novel. «Theatre on Saturdays. Stories. — Moscow: Port of Prikry, 2021.
22. Ildimirova Tatiana. «Freeze!» Stories. — Kemerovo: Kuzbass Centre of Arts, 2021.
23. Kalashnikov Mikhail. «At the Attic of the Forgotten Dacha». Short story. — Journal Podyem,
№11, 2020.
24. Kalinkina Galina. «Quiet Hour». A short story. — Magazine «Tuesday», no. 3, 2021.
25. Kalugina Tatiana. «Signs of Air». Short story. — Magazine «Liteggatura», #194, 2022.
26. Ilya Karamyshev. «Exceptions». Stories. — Yaroslavl: Izd. Filigran, 2021.
27. Kiktenko Vyacheslav. «My First Murder». «They got secrets…». Stories. — Magazine «Moscow», #3, 2020.
28. Kosovskaya Maria. «Saturn». Novel. — Formaslov magazine, no. 3, 2022.
29. Kochnev Vladimir. «Taxi Driver and 17 Times». Stories. — SPb.: Scythia Print; GIC New Cultural Space, 2021.
30. Kuat Jeanne. «South of the Green Hills.» Adventure. — Moscow: IKH New Country, 2021.
31. Kuznetsov Igor. «The Departed. A tale of self. — Journal of the Friendship of Nations, no. 6, 2021.
32. Lagutin Dmitry. «My Japan». Short story. — Magazine «Nizhny Novgorod», #5, 2020.
33. Valery Lebedinsky. «Around Zinaida Gippius.» A novel. — Moscow: Russian Literary Community New Stained Glass, 2021.
34. Lidsky Vladimir. «The Little and the Petty Devil». Short story. — Magazine ‘Banner’, no. 7, 2021.
35. Makoev Amir. «The Returned Sky». Novel. — Magazine «Literary Kabardino-Balkaria», No.2, 2022. «Imposition». Short story. — Journal «Argamak», No. 1, 2020, etc.
36. Manovich Lera. «Goodbye, Anna K.» Stories. — Nur-Sultan: Foliant Publishing, 2021. («Prose of Our Days. A New Tradition»).
37. Markarov Valerian. «The Unworn Dress». Short story. — Texture Magazine #8, 2021. «Snow Falling». A short story. — Don Magazine, #7-9, 2021. «Jewish Happiness». Short story. — Chamberlain Magazine, No. 1, 2022, etc.
38. Viktor Markin. «Bones.» «I’m scared.» «A world where everything is foregone». «Sanatorium». A cycle of short stories. The collection «My Voice. — Moscow: publishing house ICPL «Glubinka», 2021.
39. 39. Markov Emelyan. «Astra». Novel. — Moscow: Florberium/Rugram, 2021. (Modern prose).
40. Martova Irina. «Such Different People». Stories. — Moscow. IM Media publishing house, 2021.
41. Melekhina Natalia. «Volkov Pass.» The collection of stories. — Cherepovets: Port-April, 2021. (Treasures of Vologda literature; vol. 1).
42. Melikhov Alexander. «The Lives of Michel Z. A sentimental tale. — «New World,» No. 6, 2021. «The Sapphire Albatross». A novella. — New World, no. 2, 2022.
«The Vulture and the Mammoth». Novel. — «Friendship of Nations», #3, 2022.
43. Sergey Mironov. «Elsa and Eric». Novel. — Kaliningrad: «Traditions & Avant-garde» magazine, No. 1, 2022.

44. Mikheeva Svetlana. «Rose, play!» A novella. — Irkutsk Representation of the Union of Russian Writers, 2020. (Publishing series «Binderyot»).
45. Mikheenkov Roman. «The Order of Frankenstein». Novel. — LitRes, 2020. «Words and Music». A series of short stories. — LitRes, 2020.
46. Nebykov Alexei. «The Chambers of the Village of Kedrach». «Taya». Stories. — Neva magazine, no. 10, 2021.
47. Nikonova Olga. «Shizhen’s God». A cycle of short stories. — The magazine «Man on Earth», no. 12, 2021.
48. Novikov Andrey. «Crane by the Road.» «Chatterbox». «The Bees and the Horse» etc. Stories. — Abkhazia: Magazine «Akua-Sukhum», no. 6, 2021.
49. Orlov Daniel. «The Time of Risky Farming». Novel — Moscow: Gorodets Publishing House, 2021.
50. Orlova-Markgraf Nina. «Forgive Felix. Novels and Stories. — RIPOL Classic, 2021.
51. Pankratov Georgiy. «The Sevastopolist». Fragment of a novel. — New World magazine, no. 12, 2021.
52. Petkov Valery. «Hibakusha». Novel, novella, stories. — Moscow: Gorodets Publishing House, 2020. (series «The Ark»).
53. Podolsky Leonid. «Investcom». Novel. — Moscow: U Nikitsky Vorota, 2021.
54. Polishchuk Rada. «Ah, it would have been sooner, sooner!» Short story. — Philadelphia, USA: «Living Room» magazine, #113, March 2022.
55. Popov Sergey. «Wings over the Roofs». Selected prose. — Voronezh: Voronezh Regional Printing House, 2021.
56. Rivera Svetlana. «The Last Letter of the Leaving Summer.» Novel. — Moscow: Ridero Publishing Solutions, 2020.
57. Rykov Pavel. «Saltyn.» A novel. — Moscow: West Consulting Publishing, 2020.
58. Ryabov Oleg. «Call me, Vetluga». Novel, novella, short stories. — Moscow: Veche, 2022. (Prose of the Russian North).
59. Sazanovich Elena. «To Kill Hippocrates. Novel. — Moscow: Veche, 2022. (Prose of the New Century).
60. Satpayeva Nuraina. «Kara.» Short story. — The magazine «Siberian lights», #10, 2020.
61. Talanova Galina. «The Red Moon». — Moscow: «West Consulting», 2021. and — Moscow: «AST», 2021. «Run or Die. Novel (magazine version). — North Magazine. №3, 2022.
62. Totskaya Daria. «The Sea of Mikosha». A novel. — Moscow: De’Libri, 2020.
63. Kharchenko Vyacheslav. «A Muscovite in a Southern City». A Story in Stories. — M. EXMO, 2021.
64. Khotulev Vyacheslav. «Touching». On the sidelines of the cinematographic scene. — Moscow: «Zebra E, Galaxy», 2021.
65. Shyposhina Tatiana. «The Lost Raccoon». An ironic fairy tale. — M.: Primrose, 2022.

«Under the light weight of the heavens…» Poetry

1. xenia Aksenova. «Further is the Light». Poetry. — Moscow: MCPL «Glubinka», 2022.
2. alexiev boris. «Marks of the Heart in the Fields.» Poetry. — Novokuznetsk: Union of Writers, 2020.
3. arkanina Anna. ‘The apple is ripening’. The book of poems. — Moscow: Formaslov Publishers, 2022.
4. akhadov Eldar. ‘Waiting for a Miracle’. Selected Poems. — Publishing Solutions, Ridero, 2021.
5. Baranov Andrei. «On a Business Trip.» A selection. — Magazine «Liteggatura», #177, 2021.
6. Bezdenezhnykh Vladimir. ‘Observations’. A collection of poems. — Tver, Moscow: Alpha-Press, 2020. (Slice series).
7. Bobylev Dmitry. «In the old house on the table — the earth…» — Neva magazine, no. 7, 2020.
8. Bogomaz Tatiana. «Salsochki with Autumn». Book of Poems. — M.: Eds. STIHI, 2021. Series «The Single».
9. Boyko Sergey. «Odessa Simplicity.» From the collection «Plyasokha». The Odessa Chronicles. LitRes, 2021.
10. Boldyrev Andrey. «Means of Communication». Book of poems. — Moscow: ST&CI Publishing, 2020. Series The Single.
11. Veprev Alexander. «Matryoshechny verlibre: a variant of Russian verlibre». — Moscow: Evgeny Stepanov Publishing House, 2021. (Studia moderna russicheskogo avantgarde).
12. Vinogradov Ilya. «Zheltotravie. Book of poetry. — St. Petersburg: Centre for Contemporary Literature and Books on Vasilievsky, 2021.
13. Vorobyeva Olga. «Silent Province of Russia. Collected poems. — Vladimir Regional Scientific Library, 2021.
14. Galamaga Andrey. «Guide». Poetry. — Moscow: New Key, 2021.
15. Gurevich Igor. ‘My Seasons’. Book in Journal. — Journal of Literary Dating, No. 2(53), 2021.
16. Dolgareva Anna. «Russian Space». Collection of poems. — Tver, Moscow: Alpha-Press, 2020. (Slice series).
17. Dyakonov Evgeny. «Other Nits.» Book of poems. — Moscow: ST&HI Publishing, 2020. Series The Single.
18. Egorov Alexander. «Alea jacta est». A selection of poems. — Irkutsk: Journal «Az’-art», No. 2, 2020.
19. Eliseev Igor. «Everything is accidental». In Russian and Polish. Translated into Polish by Kalina Izabela Żiola. — Bydgoszcz, Poland: Tema Publishing House, 2021.
20. Zatonska Maria. «Miniatures. A book of poems. — Moscow: Publ. of STYCHI, 2021. Series «The Single».
21. Zolotarev Sergey. «Conversations and Compassion. Poems. — Magazine «New Coast», #70, 2020.
22. Zubareva Vera. «Between Omega, Alpha and Odessa: Tramway-2». Poems from Various Years. — USA: Charles Schlacks, Jr. Publisher Idyllwild, CA 2022.
23. Zubko Oleg. «Nelo.» A Dramatic Poem. — LitRes: Samizdat, 2021.
24. Ivkin Sergey. «The Eternal World.» Book of poems. — Moscow: Russian Gulliver, Centre of Modern Literature, 2022.
25. Galina Klimova. «The Predicate of the Imperfect Species. Selected Poems. — Stavropol: Stavrolit, 2020. (In the Caucasus series).

26. Grigory Knyazev. «The Coloured Half. A selection of poems. — Magazine «New World», #11, 2021.
27. Komarov Konstantin. «Only the Word.» Book of poems. — Moscow: Zebra E, 2021.
28. Koramyslov Alexander. «A monologue in a rag». Book of poems. — Moscow: ST&CHI Publisher, 2022. Series The Single.
29. Vladimir Kochnev. «The Secret Adverb. Book of poems. — Moscow: ST&CI Publishing, 2022. Series The Single.
30. Kruglov Roman. «The Bird Partita. Book of poems. — Moscow: Publ. of ST&CI, 2022. Series «The Single» (The Single).
31. Krylova Julia. «On the Background of White. Poems. — Moscow: Voimega, 2022.
32. Kryukova Elena. «Znamenny chant». Book of poems. Publishing Solutions, Ridero, 2022.
33. Kulakova Marina. «Riding the Horse.» Poems from the collection «Boldinskaya Autumn. The Twenty-First Century». — Moscow: Gorodets, 2021.
34. Lagutenkova Lyubov. A selection of poems from the book «The Shattered Angel». — St. Petersburg: Raduga Publisher, 2021.
35. Lyapin Viktor. ‘The Minotaur’s Happy Eyes’. Book of Poems. — Moscow: Eds. of ST&CI, 2021. Series The Single.
36. Lyaskovskaya Natalya. «The Gospel Salt. Poems. — Moscow: U Nikitskikh Vorota, 2020.
37. Malygina Alexandra. «Darkwater. Book of poems. — Moscow: Publishing house of the St. Petersburg State University of Arts and Industry, 2021. Series «The Single».
38. Marinichev Rodion. ‘Shypres is called Grandfather’s cologne’. Poetry. Znamya magazine, no. 6, 2020.
39. Mesyac Vadim. «Pani Malgorzata.» Poems. — M.: QUILP-PRESS. Centre for Contemporary Literature, 2021.
40. Mors Artyom. «What Music.» A book of poems. — Moscow: Voymega, 2020.
41. Murzin Dmitriy. «Expendables.» Poems. — Kemerovo: Kuzbass Centre for the Arts, 2021.
42. Muslimova Miyasat. «The Caucasian world». Book of poems. — Moscow: Publishing house of the STUI, 2020. The series «The Single».
43. Novikov Andrey. «Where Holy Doves and Children…». Magazine «Volga — XXI century», #5, 2021.
44. Ovsyannikova Alyona. «Slow Sun.» Poems. — Volgograd: Periscope-Volga, 2022.
45. Oganzhanov Ilya. «The Endless Horizon.» Poems. — Moscow: Summer Garden, 2020.
46. Orlova Natalia. «Razglizvajvaju emptiness beneath itself.» — Literaturnaya Rossiya, no. 11, 2021.
47. Osmanova Kira. ‘No Synonym’. Book of poems. — Moscow: publ. of STYCHI, 2021. Series «The Single».
48. Peigin Boris. «Civil Twilight. Poems. — Moscow: Voymega, 2020. (Pyroscape series).
49. Rakhunov Mikhail. «Bravely the music gives…». Poems. — Magazine «Khreshchatyk», No. 4 (94), 2021.
50. Rogozhkin Dmitry. «Socrates and Hetera, or Dialogue on the Essence of Love». — Moscow. New Delo Publisher, 2020.
51. Rubanov Roman. «Bogatyrs». — Magazine «Friendship of Nations», № 11, 2021.
52. Svishchev Mikhail. «Tourette’s Syndrome». Book of poems. — Moscow. ed. ST&CI, 2021. Series The Single.
53. Sevryugina Elena. «On the Threshold of Yesterday’s Water.» Ural» magazine, no. 2, 2022.
54. Skiba Andrey. «In Search of Happiness». Collection of poems. — Taganrog. Ed. by Stupin S.A., 2020.
55. Smorodin Konstantin. ‘One consolation is beauty’. Book of Poems. — Saransk, 2021.
56. Elina Sukhova. «The Thing of Man». Compiled by. Irina Ermakova. — Moscow: Voimega, 2022.
57. Shyposhina Tatiana. «The Line of the Horizon.» — Volgograd. Periscope-Volga, 2020.
58. Shchitov Ivan. «My Fatherland is a Village.» Poems. — Moscow: ICPL ‘Glubinka’, 2020.
59. Yalovetskaya Rena. «Cicadas.» Three poems. — Moscow: Publika Sproul, 2021.

«The Tree of Childhood. Children’s and teenage literature

1. Elena Albul. «The Ghost of the Potato Palace. Narrative and Stories. — Moscow: Aquilegia-M, 2022.
2. arsentyeva Irina. «Nikitka’s Orchard. Cognitive stories about plants and not only. — Publishing Solutions, Ridero, 2021.
3. Birman Dmitriy. Stories from childhood. Journal of Literary Dating. №10 (61), 2021.
4. Glazkova Elena. Cognitive fairy tales. — Moscow: Izd. Pero, 2022.
5. Zheleznyak Nikolay. «Russian Mother.» Story. — Journal Yunost, no. 7, 2021.
6. Zamyatina Olga. «A Novel with a Reader. — Moscow: Izd. Strekoza, 2022.
7. Zakhvatov Alexander. «The Emerald Book. Tales and Stories. — M. Publ. of books, com. 2021.
8. Carde Igor. «Tyupochka». — M.: Kiryusha Publishers, 2021.
9. Kovalenkova Anastasia. «Good People. Narrative in Portraits. — Moscow: Izd. Nikeya, 2022.
10. Krenev Pavel. «Shelonik. Pomeranian stories. — Arkhangelsk: Izd. Lotsia, 2022.
11. natalia Lavretsova. «Pushkin’s Cane.» — Pskov. 2021.
12. ludmila Lazareva. «In the Footsteps of the Star Dragons». Part 2. Publishing Solutions, Ridero, 2021.
13. Lopatina-Kibis Elena. «Journeys through Myths and Fairy Tales.» Publishing Solutions, Ridero, 2022.
13. Markina Lyudmila. Historical Tales. — Moscow: Art Volkhonka Publishing House, 2021.
15. Stadnik Zulya. «Bukashki-Pervoklashki». — Rostov n/D. Phoenix, 2021. (Fabulous Childhood). «It’s not scary with a friend.» A fairy tale. — Murmansk. Ed. by Dobry Velikan, 2021.
16. Tatur Victoria. «Nanosaurs.» — Moscow: Ed. by Formaslov, 2020.
17. Shiposhina Tatiana. «Don’t dive off unfamiliar cliffs». Novel. — Moscow: Detskaya literatury Publishers, 2021.
18. Yalovetskaya Rena. «Wandering Enchanters.» Miniatures, poems, drawings. — Moscow: publishing house Probl-2000, 2021.

«The priceless treasure». Russian translations.

1. Aminev Amir. «Remember?». «Three times seven». «An Unwritten Story». «A multi-coloured feather-grass». Stories and a novella. Translation from Bashkir Aydar Khusainov. — Ufa: Publishing house «OE», 2022.
2. Gaisarova-Gizzatullina Gulsira. «Bogatyrsha. «The soul is still the same». «Mercedes» colour of wet asphalt». «The Scramble». Stories. Translation from Bashkir Aydar Khusainov. — Ufa: Publishing house «OE», 2022.
3. «The Golden Ten. Lithuanian fairy tales. Translated from Lithuanian by Elena Pecherskaya. Moscow: Buki Vedi Publishers, 2020.
4. Anatolijus Lagulaa. «Solveig». «Wings of Happiness». «The Cursed Night». Stories. Translated from Abkhazian by Vitaly Shariy. — Abkhazia. Magazine «Akua-Sukhum», No. 1, 2022.
5. Murzakaev Fakil. «Meeting in the middle of the smoke and fire of war». Short story. Translation from Bashkir Aydar Khusainov. — Ufa: Publishing house «OE», 2022.
6. Akhat Mushinsky. «A Window to the World Opens in Mexico», «Austrians», «Linz», «Mauthausen», etc. «Tatar PEN: Bezne yul. Our Way. Our Way». Book-album. Translated from Tatar by the author. — Kazan. Tatknigozdat, 2021.
7. Neklyaev Vladimir. «Shovel». Short story. Translation from Belarusian by Nina Debolskaya. — Journal «Druzhba Narodov», No. 5, 2020.
8. Khodikyan Karine. «The smell of bread and death». A short story. Translation from Armenian by Tatiana Martirosyan. — Journal of People’s Friendship, #10, 2021.
9. Sabir Sharipov. «Apau». Genre. Translated from Bashkir by Aidar Khusainov. — Ufa: Publishing house «OE», 2022.

«A Feast in Waiting for a Feast. Playwright and screenplay

1. Igor Akhmedov. «I am Khoja». Screenplay. Manuscript.
2. Baryshnikova Galina. «MarcoGalia and Other Unidentified Continents». Screenplay for a feature film. Manuscript.
3. Baryshnikov Pavel and Galina. «Father Frost». Urban Tales for Children. A play. Manuscript.
4. Greenberg Yakov. «The Seller of Truth». Screenplay. Manuscript.
5. Zakharova Natalia. «Proofs of Love». A Christmas story in two acts. A play. Manuscript.
6. Tatyana Ignatyeva. «Virasana». Screenplay. Manuscript.
7. Konovalchuk Mikhail. «Angel’s Day». Screenplay. — USA, Aquilon Press, 2020.
8. Kravchenko Dmitriy. «The Rostov Saga». Screenplay. Manuscript.

Source Russian PEN Center.

The authors of the Year of Literature project often talked with Fazil Iskander; he would have been very proud of both the prize and the winners.

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